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    In love with physics ?

    I am a sculptor and designer and there is a word (that would be extremely useful) that is missing from my vocabulary.
    This word would describe the following phenomena;
    The satisfactory feeling of contented understanding and appreciation experienced, when observing an event in the physical world (or simulated physical world),that exhibits beautiful mechanical action.
    For example the way the doors of a Maserati sports car close or the smooth thumping sound a lump of clay makes as it impacts with a solid surface.
    This word has to do with the human interaction of such an event and could be used to describe the feelings evoked when an action such as wood planing is perfectly executed or the feeling experienced from a sound like a cork being pulled from a wine bottle (this could be a different response admittedly)
    This feeling is specifically related to physics and although it may be related to the seductive nature of materials and to beauty, I feel it is unique as it is a witnessed event that sparks it and this event usually displays a graceful perfection that in itself defines the world around us.
    I think this feeling is an important one and would argue that it perhaps is an important part of our ability to understand and develop the world around us. Perhaps it is even a primal memory to our ancestor's first awakening to the ability to manipulate and understand an object.

    Is there a word for this ?

    If not would anybody be interested in constructing one with my for this ?

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    Re: In love with physics ?

    I don't know of such a word and think that if it doesn't exist, you're right that it should.

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    Re: In love with physics ?

    I guess I didnīt quite understand your point leonardwhite (maybe you should give another try in explaning it).

    But since this forum is read by many speakers of languages other than English, I would hope that other members could tell us whether the word you are looking for exist in
    other languages. This could help to find the corresponding English word.

    It is interesting to compare languages, specifically such "missing words".

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