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    adjectives ending in -d

    I really don't know what kind of adjectives are words that end in -d like wicked king, naked woman, flat-footed man and the like. Please give more examples. Thanks.
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    Re: adjectives ending in -d

    There are lots of adjectives which have the same form as a past participle: annoyed, surprised, experienced, depressed, abandoned, interested ... The "rule" says you can only use them to describe people, not things, especially when a suitable pair in -ing exists (annoying, surprising, interesting ...) because the meaning is something like "suffering (or enjoying) a status of ... annoyance, surprise, interest, etc.

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    Re: adjectives ending in -d

    I wouldn't agree with that rule:
    an abandoned house
    a deflated tyre
    depressed economy
    You're right to put it in inverted commas.
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