Hi there! I am preparing for a TOEFL test. Would you like to help me? Thank you in advance !!!
To me, the best teacher is someone who is help me to learn good aspects of my lives. I think a teacher should have these characteristics no matter whether is coach or not. There are many characteristics like; teacher can recognize your abilities, have good knowledge, and who is polite.
At first, the most important reason for choosing the best teacher is that he or she can find your abilities. Teacher should be keen to find your abilities and try to improve your abilities. Another reason that is really important is the teacher is kind for if your teacher is unkind and you do not have a good sense with your teacher you can not show your abilities to your teacher. The other one is your teacher should be incentive for it is really important to improve the abilities. Therefore, teacher should have be able to find his/her students abilities.
The second reason that is really important is a teacher should be a knowledgeable person and try to learn to his or her student. The other thing that is really important is the quality of teaching because of the important role of the students knowledge on their lives. the teacher should be creative for he/she can find good ways for transferring his information to students in a good way. Therefore, teacher should have comprehension for teaching his/her students.
The third characteristic of the good teacher should be polite. He/she learn to his/her students and because of this characteristic become a good symbol for his/her students. Teachers behavior is really important for students.
At the end, I think the best teacher is someone who is an intelligent person, knowledgeable person, and polite. I believe that it is not important he/she is coach. It is important he/she teach the students in a good way for they should the future of our country.