Hello everybody.

I am new and I came from the Poland. I hope that we spend together good time.

I would like to divide with the people my experience from the Taiwan in the English. But I am afriad that i wite incorrect. Therofore I would like to ask you about check my articles.

My diary
02.02.2012 The trip to Taipei ZOO

Today I were with my girlfriend in the ZOO and the mountains which is called Maokong.

If you want to see all the Zoo you have to spend about 3 hours. Another you will not see everything like me. The Taipei Zoo have a lot of animals from the Africa and Australia.

I was the most surprised when I saw rhino and hippopotamus. The were bigger than I fought.

Entrance coasted 60 TD i means about 2$. The ZOO is closed at 5 pm. After that time everything animals disappeared because they can hide in cages.

A gorilla was very funny when she wanted go earlier to "home" and pressed a lot of time the bell of the door. But I have to say that it looked likes very majestically on the top of the tree.

When we finished visit the Zoo we decided to go to take a Gondola Journey. It cost 50 TD. The Gondola took us on the peaks of the mountain. The mountain has almost 300 meters. The journey was more terrible because the floor was totally clear. Second the Gondola always swayed. It was dark and it war raining. Therefore it was more scar. But the second hand We saw smaller than normally because it was dark.

On the top you can go to the one of the numerous tea restaurants. They have very good tea. Unfortunately we didn't use from this possibility because it was late, raining and we wanted came to home. The second one of the restaurant was ugly. The restaurant s have very nice prospect of the city so it is very romantic.

I have to concur that carousel in the Muncher was more terrible. About 7 pm. we came back to the home with bus.