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    Mistaking adverbs and adjectives .

    Well ...It's when you see them all in one place . Like:
    I am feeling very good .
    My wife hurt me very badly yesterday .
    And so on ....
    The reason is not that i don't know what an adjective ,or an adverb modifies .
    It is because i can not relate to it within the sentence .
    When i look at such sentences ,the first question that comes in my mind is :"Does this modify the verb ,or the noun ? "Then it all seems like as if they change the meaning of the whole sentence and i just can't figure out which is which .

    I am trying to distinguish adverbs in the sentence ,but i often mistake them for adjectives and vise-verso .

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    Re: Mistaking adverbs and adjectives .

    I think you are trying to use a scientific method of learning, trying to explain everything, but it doesn't always work.)) In some cases all you have to do is just to memorize collocations (ways of using certain word combinations). To feel good (one uses an adjective with feel and don't ask why - just remember it, or you could call it an exception to the rule saying that verbs are modified by adverbs). To do it badly - here one uses an adverb in a "normal" way to modify the verb do.

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