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Thank you in advance.

"Dear Mrs. Marry

I'm Truong - a Vietnamese. First, I'm sorry because my English is only normal. I am really surprised when receiving your letter. I may understand your situation now. Life should be shared and understanding. And listening may be the sincerest form of sharing. I know nothing is easy but you need have faith in life. I hope you will overcome your mishap with your resolute spirit.
I wish you luck. If this is the end of your life, have a happy life! Cheer up! It is simple but meaningful. When I embrace life there is a sense of satisfaction and contentment that comes over me.
you should do it too.

To look down from the rise, to see the present from the future, this moment will quickly lost. Time is drifting past. please do what you want when possible. We must do something to enjoy the present stage of life. Worrying won't make a loss less painful. Sometimes I throw myself into the work to forget the pain. I believe you can stand any longer. You would make a English teacher in public forums now - It's very interesting. I think it matches you and you'll help so many people. Let's do the best things, the impossible things, let's make the most of this new spring because we only have a life, we can do nothing when we die.

Don't lose your faith. When you have the faith in bright future, I believe that you will succeed. Cheer up! Things will get better soon. Do you know? When the wealth lost, nothing is lost. When health takes, just take a few. When the will to lose, nothing more. Try all yours best. Now it's cold winter but don't worry! You won't in the cold because I and all of people around the world are always with you.

Now, Listen to me!
I want to tell you about mine. I'm 19 years old - a young man and I am a normal person, a kind man. Up to now I have been lucky always in the best of health. It is the reverse of what yours.
My family is poor but happy. My father left a few years later. I have my mother and an older sister. I have to face everything by myself. Some time in life, we lose heart & confidence before many failures and I'm no exception. Perhaps, it seems that success will come to those who can stand up and go ahead after many failures. Though still young, I experienced many vicissitudes in my life. I have always believed that life provides a series of experiences that serve our growth, insight and wisdom.

I have many foreign friends and they are all kind. They have helped me study English and Chinese. My foreign languages are getting better with the help of them. And an accidental day, I met one of them. He directed me to here - a website to learn English. And I got your letter after a few hours. Maybe it's time for miracles.

I have so many good dreams and good ambitions. I have worked hard although there will never be a new day and before failures. I always trust It will bring good luck to me. What is the purpose of human life? I think it's help each other,lay the evil... In the moment, there are so many unhappy people who need some support for hours. Really, my dreams and ambitions are rich and I want to use my money bring happiness to many people, my family, people in my country and world. I will provide free medical examination and treatment and builds free hospitals for the poor, build charity centres. There is one other thing. I'd like to have your permission for building a robust economy. It'll help provide employment to labour for a long.

I hope for better living conditions for poor people. There are poor people, without money, who have a lot of difficulties in their life. The poorest and most deprived people will receive a special help.

I will help see your last wishes come true. You can be assured. I'm doing what I can. I won't make you disappointed. I promise.Believe in me!

This letter is present for you! Maybe It's the longest letter I have written. These are the words from the bottom of my heart. May peace and happiness be with you always. But most of all, I hope the last letter I have received in my email would not come true. And in this moment, there is a Mrs. Marry, she's in the pink.I hope.