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    academy vs institute

    What's the difference between "institute" and "academy" in terms of teaching organization? Before I knew "institute" is mainly used for English(teaching) institute, Taekwondo institute, math institute, etc, but lately I came to know "academy" is commonly used for such teaching entities.
    What do you think is the difference between the two?

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    Re: academy vs institute

    In England now, 'academy' has a particular meaning in the secondary school system, Academy (English school) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    However, apart from this, there is no officially recognised difference between: 'school', 'college', 'institute', 'academy'.

    ps. I have just looked through lists of independent schools in Britain. Most are schools, some of these being grammar schools or high schools; some are colleges; a few, especially in Scotland, are academies. I didn't find any institutes, but there are some in the USA.
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