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Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problem. To what extend do you agree or disagre the ?
What other measures do you think might be effect.

Now a days, we can see that heavy traffic and pollution becomes critical issue in cities.Some believed that hike in petrol prices is the best solution to control this situation,however in my opinion, this is not the only and best option.

It is undenial that the use of private car is the major reason for growing traffic. If government would increase the petrol prices, the fare in public transport would also affect. It is unfair for the people who use the public transport and somehow manage to pay current fair. There are other popular options which we could implement.

Firstly, to control pollution, more cleaner fuel need to be developed. The already available technology of electronic vehicle is the best option. Government and manufacturer should persuade people to go for electronic vehicle than petrol one. This way we can surely reduce the growing problem of pollution.

Secondly, even if we start using electronic vehicle , the problem of trafic congestion would be there. To control increasing traffic government should improve the quality and services of public trasport. For example, implementing A/c coach and more frequency of public transport would compel people to use public transport instead of private cars.

To conclude, persuading people for alternative medium like electronic car or CNG car and improvig the quality of public trasport are the best options to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. In my opinion, government should implement such measure instead of increasing petrol prices.