its 4 AM and class at 3... been working hard but i know there are TONS of mistakes but im here to improve anything will help. this is a essay on conversation i had. any conversation.

Young Drunk and in love?
"A man's true character comes out when he's drunk" - Charlie Chaplin.
On the other hand, what about a womans? December 9th, 2008, thats the night i decided to see if we are compatible enough for a relationship.My lady friend, (we shall call her "Katie", or better known to me now as the "cheating ex-girlfriend") and I have been on a common phase of the awkwardly long hugs to sleeping half naked next to me in bed, you know, the usual. I wanted to explore if we can sync besides the physical aspect of the relationship. Some people are very open when drunk right? So, i figured what a perfect way to explore our relationship. I already knew she liked me ( im adorable, who wouldnt) and i think using third party substance is cheating but i was curious. So that Saturday (i checked a calendar), we were going on a date. So im here to describe what course i chose to establish if we were compatible and explain why this to me was my personal favorite conversation.

Ahead of time, I am sorry for anything you dont understand, i like to think that im weird.
Ok from here on out, the date is great. Setting; public park around midnightish. to be straight, we were smoking weed in the playground, her idea, my weed. While pointing to the sky( beer in hand)I asked "what are your thoughts on aliens and religion". I find these two subject really belong together.Katie replied with "i am a born and raised christian but i have little interest in that and aliens are real!, goverment keeps hides them from us". Katie proceeded to explaining in detail all her goverment consiracies. She was very serious, so i wasnt sure if she was drunk until i asked "what about the supernatural" and she replied "I LOVE THAT SHOW". Ever have a facepalm moment? That was mine, lucky for her i watch the show and it lead ot me to decide on my next set of questions.

Next, " what are some favorite movies or shows you watch"i asked. My personal belief is if we cant watch the same shows or agree on movies to watch, there is no future for us. Thats just me. " How i met your mother, scrubs, house..." Katie went on and for each she played out her favorite phrase or joke. She took out a paper and pen and proceeded to draw "The Cockamouse; Hybird between mouse and roach". To be honest i heard enough, i would have married her there and then. "please tell me you have seen back to the future" i asked holding my hands like in prayer up to my mouth. which she said "No" i felt like Doc Brown had said "great scott" somewhere. It got worst ( how can it she does not know of the delorean), i was given a play by play of Twilight, you know that amazing movie. As my ears were dripping blood (B+ by the way) i was thinking of my next question to change the subject quickly.

At any rate, we have a new setting; my car (not the back seats).We went for a drive. "What about School, Work, Future tell me all about it". Some may say i should have asked these questions first, im weird and i have my priorities wrong."I want to be a science teacher and you know where im working now dufus" she said.I met her at chilli's, her current job. She went ahead and explained the how and why she wanted to be a teacher and her plans on achieving it. The common MDC to FIU student story we hear everyday.We drove to her house, she was almost asleep no doubt to the eleven jager shots. Now i could say i put her to sleep and we kissed good night, but to be horrificly honest, it ended with a puddle, trash can next to bed, and her repeating the words " I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Happy Ending

All fictional. just dont have a good conversation story i want to write so i made up 1 simple.
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