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    home (preposition)

    I know that "home" has no preposition. For example: I went home. He is home now.
    But sometimes we say "He is at home." And I know it is correct too, because my teacher say it is the normal preposition for "home". But I sometimes hear "He is in Jack's home." Is it correct? I mean "in". If correct, can you please give me some examples with "in".

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    Re: home (preposition)

    We usually use "at home" when the person in the sentence is in the place where they personally live.

    I am at home = I am in my house.
    Jack is at home = jack is in his house

    I am in jack's home = I am in Jack's house

    If Jack and I are both in Jack's house then I am in his home but he is at home.

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