I do not need correction, this is essay for TOEFL, I need someone to grade it and explain why he gave me that degree, and give me directions and advice

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Coaches are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The question is do you agree or disagree about being the coaches the best teachers, the answer will differ from people to another people, I think the coaches are not the best teachers because they care about money more than the student's advantage, they do not fear of the punishment, because there is not supervision to him, and they do not have certified skills, I will explain my reasons.
first they care about mony so much because they agree with the student for money not anything else, but on the other hand, the teachers will not care about money because they will take their money from the school as monthly salary, I remember some story hapenned to me when I was in my intermediate school, I agreed with some coache to teach me mathimatics, but after the agreement, he phoned me the next day and told me I can not teach you because I my schedule disallow, I was angry and what increased my anger that I knew after one week that the coach agreed with an other student because that student paid money more much than me.
Second, the coach will not be afraid of you, he can cheat you in the information, he can cancel his agreement like what happend with me and he can delay the class, because he know you can not go to his manager like what you do in a school.
Third, you can not trust in those coaches because most of them do not have a certificate, consequently,they can not explain the subject like the teachers, we know the teachers can not become a teacher without passing many exams, I think this enough to prefer the teachers to the coaches.
As I have illustrated, the teachers better than the coaches one thousand time, for your advantage do not go to the coaches, they will take your money and wast your time as a result you will be the loser, do you want to be a loser.