Hello everybody, can you check my essay, please?


Although planes have been considered as the best vehicle since 20th century, the most common are cars - our friends with 4 wheels. Some people cannot live without them, some do not want them. What is the role of car in our lives?
First of all, we must know that we live in a rush. For people in hurry is a car perfect vehicle, because it is quite fast. For example, what takes half an hour on foot, takes you five minutes by car. Obviously, people do not like wasting their time.
Furthermore, I persume that the main reason for using it is that we can drive our car whenever we wanto to. The only things we need is some petrol and a driving licence.
But since you need some petrol, there is a con you can come up with and it is a price of it. The prices of petrol are becoming higher and higher. You must pay not a small amount of money, so as to buy some, even for a short car trip.
Even though the petrol and oil are expensive, number of cars in streets is increasing everyday, therefore the air is getting more and more polluted by carbon dioxide. People know the danger of polluted air, but almost nobody cares, though.
Finally, I think that cars are really needed, but they should be regulated and used properly. There is no reason why we should drive, when we can walk slowly and not hurry. If everybody walked as much as possible, I know there would be less civilization illnesses.

Thank you!