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    Please check my article


    The pie chart illustrates the main reasons caused farmland becoming less productive while the table illustrates how these causes affected three regions of the world during the 1990s.

    We can see from the pie chart that globe land degradation is caused by four main reasons. Specifically, over-grazing account for the large proportion (35%) of land degradation while over-cultivation makes up 28% of worldwide land degradation.. A further 30% of land degradation is due to deforestation. Other causes represent only 7% collectively.

    According to the table, these causes affected different region differently. Due to Deforestation, Europe had as much as 9.8% land degradation while the impact of this on north America and Oceania was minimal, with only 0.2% and 7% of land affected respectively. Similarly, the cause of land degradation by over-cultivation affected 7.7% land of Europe, whereas such influence was slighter in North America (3.3%) and was not observed in Oceania. By contract, Oceania suffered most from over-grazing (11.3%) than North America (1.5%) and Europe (5.5%).

    The total proportion of land degraded was 5% in North America, 23% in Europe and 1.3% in Oceania. Therefore, it can be clearly seen that Europe had the most serious problem of land degradation than the other two countries.
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