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    mark vs grade


    While I was having an interview, an interviewer asked me to rate myself in a technology. From 1 to 10.
    I elaborated if she wanted me to put myself a mark. Now, I have come across the word grade and I am willing to know is there a difference between those two words in this context? Which of those words should I have used in this context?

    Having looked up the information on the Interned, I have come to conclusion that they both are acceptable (at least in the context given above).
    Could you please correct me if I wrong or confirm that I am right.

    Thanks, Alex.
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    Re: mark vs grade

    In BrE educational parlance 'a mark' is equivalent to AmE 'grade/score' (the former being alphabetic, the latter, numerical).

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    Re: mark vs grade

    Even in BrE, you could be asked to rate/grade yoursef on a scale of one to ten.

    At school, teachers usually give marks for infividual pieces of work; these are usually numerical scores, for example '8/10' - eight marks from a possible total of ten. Grades are given for longer assigments, and for terminal examinations such as the GCSE and A levels. In the past, these were often numerical, but now they tend to be alphabetical.

    In some specialist fields, numerical grades indicate the level of competence one has achieved. The Trinity College music grades, for example, range from Grade 1, Beginner, to Grade 8, proficient musician.

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