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    In elementary school, we used to have a classmate who was supposed to keep the students quiet before the teacher came. This assistant was usually among the best students.
    Can I call it monitor or teacher-assistant and do you have the same culture too?
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    Re: monitor

    Not a teacher, nor a native.
    May be a senior student or a head student?
    There also exists the word foreman but the OALD says it is about workers at a factory.

    monitor - a student in a school who performs special duties, such as helping the teacher (c) OALD
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    Re: monitor

    In the very distant past when I was going to school in New Zealand we used the term "monitor" for students who were given special responsibilities: lunch monitor, blackboard monitor etc. I also know that there are "hall monitors" in US schools. So, although there are certainly regional variations for this, I think "monitor" would be an appropriate term.
    In my experience a "teacher-assistant" or "teacher's assistant" is more likely to be someone employed by the school or education authorities to assist in the actual teaching. But other members may have a different view.

    not a teacher

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