Recently, mobile phone is just not for communication only, but also for entertainment, as references, and as map. Every year, many of companies of telecommunication compete between each other in producing variety of model phone. These are purposely to attract the customer to buy their product. The most favourite phone among customer now is touchscreen phone likes Samsung, Iphone, and Blackberry.

Communication via mobile phone is not only on talking only, but we can keep save money through send the message. If we do not have credit, we can just email via skype, viber or yahoo messenger. These are more save budget because no charge is imposed. Therefore, we can keep in touch with family members or friends without limit. And relationship of family will become more enjoyable and harmony. Besides that, mobile phone is more compatible and easy to bring also act as guard for us. Parent also can control all the activities their children through keep on touch with them. For instance, during they are in dangerous or in difficult condition. So, this device is good solution for them to ask helping.

Mobile phone also is used for entertainment and social. We can play and hear music from mobile phone not only for radio. Any option we can play the music such as mp3, itunes or by using radio online .We can upload many games via mobile phone, and no need to open laptop to play the game or to buy PSP. Meanwhile, facebook is one of the mechanisms to involve ourselves to become social. This social-networking makes us to get new friends and to know life of old friends, where they have been living, daily routine, and their background in education or occupation.

We are not need to look up the dictionary book, now we can only search meaning some of the words by using dictionary mobile. It is easy, save time and more compatible to bring anywhere furthermore for those lazy to read book. Mobile phone with a map application is good for driver to seek the correct way in driving. The driver also can manage or assume the time when would they reach to destination.

Mobile phone is the device with many uses. It is just not for communication only, but everything we can get from it. If we use this mobile phone wisely, definitely we would see of fun and enjoyable to use it. So I cannot see this device bring more disadvantages, but it give more advantages for good users.