Everybody is smoking everywhere at all time. Whether during office time, free time or busy time, it seem that smoking is necessary to them, moreover after taking a meal. They are not only smoking at home only, but also in public places. Therefore, in reducing the number of smoker, smoking is should be banned in public places so that it can decrease the percentage cigarette smoke in air.

Obviously that smoking is the bad habit. Someone can be addicted if he or she cannot control it. Most worrying, it possibility makes smoker suffered some diseases that bring to die. Unluckily, the scientists concede that secondhand smoke easier have a chronic disease than smoker. Lung cancer and asthma are the example of chronic diseases that commonly suffered by the smoker and also for those are exposed of smoke. Those are some cases in long term, but for temporary case, the exposure the smoke may cause less permanent harm, symptoms like headaches, breathing difficulties, and even nausea are well-documented and common.

Smoking in public places also cause in increasing the litter at the public places. Even though the dustbins are provided everywhere, but still cigarette butts can be seen on the ground. This shows that, they still have no manner to dispose wastes properly. Consider an attractive building whose immediate landscaping is littered with butts or a tree-line street are marred with chubby cigarette end. So, it makes uncleanness condition or also can be said as the pollution. The way to ban smoking in public places is one solution to overcome this pollution.

The exposure the smoke produces an unpleasant odour. The permanent of this odour, sometimes cigarette smoke tends to linger in one's clothing and hair. Meanwhile excessively loud talking makes people on the surrounding stop the conservation. The lingering odor effect that impelled on the clothes also disturbs the others on the bus or LRT. It is because, there have many passengers at that places and it makes them uncomfortable at such situation. To avoid this situation, smoker should not smoke in public because the smell of cigarette smoke is difficult to hind it, it remain for a long time.

Prohibition smoking in public places is the best solution to overcome these
problems. The government should take immediately steps so that the healthy lifestyle can be practised. Strengthen the laws and impose of heavy fine for the smoker is the ways to give awareness for them do not smoke in public places. Hence, it is not impossible if these regulations make the smoker start to stop from being smoke. Who know, right?