Dizzying paces of life makes travelling become one of the most favourable interests of people today.Some arguments are raised when some people are in favour of travelling alone and consider travelling with a group is less effective.In fact,many parents are strongly opposed to this as regards its hidden dangers.This essay will look at arguments for and against this topic.

Many people prefer enjoying their company when travelling considering its enormous advantages.Most importantly,it enables us to get out of unnecessary control of our group. Actually,we will take the chances of going sightseeing freely anywhere we expect without being restricted by definited plan made before.This helps us save much time and money.For example,we are not forced to follow all memberís interests of group to visit places such as museums, parks, zoos in turn.The second reason is that it helps us not involve in debate with our partners.As an evidence of this,some heated arguments can break out in choosing accommodations,essential belongings or attractive places.Therefore,we are able to avoid the worst situation when these result in relationship breakdown.

However,there are plausible arguments in support of travelling with a group.Obviously,it is very useful when you suffer certain illness such as migraines,headache,allergy to local insects or climate.Members in our group can give us drugs or go around to call for help.Besides, we are likely to feel excited,comfortable as well as relieve boredom with the company of our partners.Their sense of humor,for example,help us reduce a lot of stress after going hiking and raise our spirit.

In conclusion,travelling alone or travelling with a group has its own merits and drawbacks.Travelling alone offer us freedom and avoiding getting into arguments while we can be evoked our mood and get assistance from others in the group when we get into trouble.On balance,travelling with a group seems to have more advantages.