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Thread: Global Warming

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    Global Warming

    Global warming is caused by a man-made increase in greenhouse gases, which include carbon dioxide, hydrofluorocarbon (HFCs) and perfluorocarbon (PFCs). It is one of them whose presence is being felt by the people all over the world. Although we have heard a lot about this menacing natural phenomenon that can surely bring an impending doom on earth, yet no such preventive steps are taken on a strict basis. This unwanted increase in the average temperature of the Earth's surface, air and oceans since the recent past and its expectation of future continuity has been the major concern for the scientist as well as the common people in the world.

    Raising level of sea water, the melting glacier on south and north poles are the impact of global warming in the future. These would be happened because of irresponsible of human in taking care of environment. The greediness of some people in developing infrastructures has given bad effect to people in the world. Modernisation and more of producing industry sectors will increase the harmful gases in the air moreover gases that is producing by automobile. Increasing temperature makes very uncomfortable for that condition. Now, at 4.00 pm seem likes we are in mid noon for the past decade. This evidence shows that, how big impact of global warming to us.

    Besides that, global warming also causes of destruction animals such as elephant or rhinoceros. These animals have been haunting for a long time, but if they cannot be preserved, maybe in one day they would be extinct. Natural disasters such as drought, flood and landslide are the major reason the crops destroy. Because of these natural disasters makes the land become less arable, leading to low productivity and low exporting and importing. This evidence show that, how big influence of global warming to economic sector and then makes people more difficult to get the food supply.

    Global warming also makes us sicker. The increasing of temperature will bring more cardiovascular problems like heart disease, strokes and also will spread dengue fever. The warmer temperature is the most suitable time for mosquitoes carrying dengue fever to travel outside the tropics. This disease could bring someone to die if they start spontaneously bleeding. Dengue fever is incurable disease and has no vaccine. Besides that, the higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are good news to allergen like mould and ragweed. And that means higher rate of asthma attacks, especially in kids.

    Awareness of this global threat reinforced public concern about environmental problems and thereby provided environmental activists, scientists, and policy-makers with new momentum in their efforts to prevent global warming such as treaties designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Sharing the car, use renewable energy and replanting the plant are such ways to overcome this global warming. Therefore, at least we can reduce economic impact, natural disaster, and some diseases that bring to die.

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    Re: Global Warming

    Please give your posts sensible titles. You posted three different essays this morning, all with the same title. I have changed this one.

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