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    Many interesting places, beaches, low packaged hotel, and entertainment are the kind of things to attract the people to go for holiday. The government also have been working hard to promote the interesting places in Malaysia for purposely to get attraction from the visitors. There are advertisements on television, promotion by using pamphlets and also invited the artist to promote about the tourism. For example, ‘Cuti-cuti Malaysia’ that have been officially on 2003 by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

    To bring the family go to for holiday is one of the ways to provide healthy lifestyle. We already knew that, sometimes the children or parent need to release tension from their daily routine. The pressure on the work and very focus on study makes them to seek alternative way to forget of those for temporary time so that they can reduce their burden. Therefore, vacation with family is not only to get fresh air but also could strengthen the relationship between of the members of family. The beautiful scene makes us to become more thankful to god besides to get a new experienced from there.

    Tourism is also giving benefit to economic sector especially for tourism agency likes hotel, chalet, or another agency. Sometimes, a few agencies compete each other in promoting a better facility to people such as provide a lower cost for staying the hotel, and also provide more or upgrade the facilities and give gift or discount on every packaged are provided. Meanwhile, many theme park are established to attract the people to spend their on that place. Recently, Gambang Water Park is the newest theme park and most popular among of the people because the fee for entrance is very cheap.

    With the interesting and beautiful places and well promotion, certainly makes many foreigners to choose Malaysia as the destination for they go to holiday. So, the country will be known the entire world with the interesting and beautiful places such as Pulau Tioman, Pulau Redang and Pulau Langkawi. These islands are popular with a beautiful and unique corals. Most visitors and foreigners praise this island based on their corals. Thus, probably, many investors interest to make Malaysia as the country for investment in long period, furthermore in the tourism sector.

    So, obviously, tourism brings more advantages than disadvantages. It is not only good for family members, but also for any agencies of tourism and also for our country to be known from the other countries. With cooperation for all level of society in promoting tourism definitely give more profit to us. Besides that, it also can help to preserve our environment and prevent from pollution if we give more effort to build ecotourism.

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    Re: tourism

    Please give your posts sensible titles. You posted several different essays this morning, all with the same title. I have changed this one.

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