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    Everybody have done a good work deserve to get the reward. Whatever they are students, workers or anything else. Reward is just not money only, but it can be also as medal, holiday present, certificates and others.

    There are many benefits for those that got the reward. One of them is, the employee would feel appreciated. Certainly, to get the best work it comes from more effort of someone. Therefore, all of difficulty of employee in doing job is worthy when they would be given the reward from the employer. Moreover, it would give spirit to employee to work harder in the future. The result, the employee would more give contribution in the company. The creative idea of some project with some a new innovation could be done. So, the company would produce a more product with high quality.

    Besides that, the reward also act model to achieve success. Students who got award based on their excellent in academic, can be as model to another student so that they will try to become successful. The secret of their success can be practised by identifying how they manage time and diet, also how they study, either in study group or study by themselves. Thus, indirectly it could help to increase number of students excellent in academic.

    Money is such example of reward for those a good worker. It could help in their financing, moreover for those have family. The low income that they had, make them to work very hard to get more money and get better life. So, when a reward such money is given to them, at least they are not need to apply another job to get more money. Both of parties get the benefit from this situation, it just like win-win situation. Company get more profit and the employee could reduce their burden in financing and thus father could provide a comfortable life to his family.

    Even though, a reward is based on a good work, it is not give benefit for the one party only, but also for those that give the reward. So, the reward is the best gift for those give more contribution for a good purpose to the company or any organisation.

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    Re: Rewards

    Please give your posts sensible titles. You posted three different essays this morning, all with the same title. I have changed this one.

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