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    unintentional socialization

    Does this "unintentional socialization" mean "accidental socialization caused by something like the teacher's interruption of the kids"? What does it mean?

    ex)Much of socialization takes place during human interaction, without the deliberate intent to impart knowledge or values. For example, a four-year-old approaches two teachers conversing and excitedly says, "Miss Jones, Miss Jones, look!" One teacher says, "Sally, don't interrupt; we're talking." Later that morning Sally and her friend Tanya are busily playing with Legos. Sally is explaining and demonstrating to Tanya how to fit the pieces together. Miss Jones comes over to the block corner and interrupts with, "Girls, please stop what you're doing and come see what Rene has brought to school." It is very likely that the message Sally received from the morning's interactions was that it is not OK for children to interrupt adults, but it is OK for adults to interrupt children. The example shows that unintentional socialization may be the product of involvement in human interaction or observation of interaction.

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    Re: unintentional socialization

    It means the children are not specifically instructed in lessons on how to behave in society; it simply happens that they learn through observation. This entire paragraph seems to be an exercise in stating to obvious: Children figure out how to behave in society simply be being part of society.
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    Re: unintentional socialization

    The entire idea could well have been summed up in a brief sentence like Barb's.

    I would have to point out, though, that I don't think that teaching children double standards like "It's OK for adults to interrupt children, but it's not OK for children to interrupt adults" is a good idea! Unless something vital or an emergency has occurred, no-one should interrupt anyone else.

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