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    Question I need advice.I can't decide.

    Present Continuous or Future Simple?
    1.I'm having / 'll have my house redecorated next week.
    (Can we consider that it is a planned activity or just decision.)

    Will, may or going to:
    2."What decision has the management reached?" "They are going to reduce / will reduce our salaries!"
    (intention or prediction)

    3. I'll have to sell the house if things continue like this, but I hope there will be / may be a chance for the better.
    (after hope we have to put "will" but at the same time they aren't sure what will happen?)

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    Re: I need advice.I can't decide.

    1- You normally plan such activites. It's possible, but not that likely, to make a snap decision about decorating, but would you be able to do it in such a short time fame? The logical choice is the planned activity.
    2- Intention- they have discussed it.
    3- Yes

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