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    Smile Why is "power down inebriation" in this situation?


    Barney says Ted thinks too much before hitting on a girl

    Barney : and it's gonna keep on happening until you power down that bucket of neuroses inebriation style.
    (It's from How I met your mother S1 Ep9)

    I found the meaning of inebriation as intoxication.

    In this situation, Ted should drink more. Then, why should Ted power down that bucket of neuroses inebriation style?

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    Re: Why is "power down inebriation" in this situation?

    = until you reduce all that anxiety that you have, by getting drunk.

    (I hope you don't use American television sit-coms to learn correct English. Many use crude language and they are full of puns, idioms, and jive talk current to the day.)

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