TOPIC:Students are more influenced by their teachers than by their friends.
It is useless for a monitor to shout at the noisy classmates to make them quiet before the class start but there comes a cough of the teacher and the world suddenly became quiet and peaceful. Teachers are someone who tend to give advices and they same to know the advantages and disadvantages of the students from their behaviors in or outside classroom. Most students prefer to listen to their teachers’ advice not someone else.

This may happened in many ways. When the children are younger their teacher will influence them more because they consider the teacher as roles——someone they will imitate with. Surely you are rare to hear teenagers imitate their friends as they are their peers and they are equal.
In our University most of the students would work for large companies and accept the career advice from their advisors although their friends never stop complaining the hard work when enter into big companies. My friends always told me to insist the dream of being a lawyer but my advisor reminded me that I was more accustomed to work for the government and I tend to choose later.

Although everyone should have their own choice but we are used to trust in someone who have more authorities. Even our friends are more familiar with us we still tend to believe that our teachers may have a higher horizon and their advices wouldn’t do harm to us. Humans are born to rely on something.

The End.

First, thank you for anyone who would like to help me with my English, here is another question that had confuesd me for a long time:
When I 'm writing an essay I always don't konw how to give expamles or details to support my view. Could anyone give some advice to me ? I mean I know little about the American history, celebrities or events(But even if I konw someone, it is hard for me to express and spell them correctly in 30mins test time) So at that time what should I do?