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  1. The pearl

    Smile Please edit my diary

    Dear sir:
    If you do your best,and get help from others,you'll be Good .It's my believe.
    Please ineed help to check my diary,as iwill give it to my university.

    GOOD Evening:
    My first week in level seven was good at the begaining ,but it has been changing later. On Thursday imet an old friend, and she told me that she was failed in level seven .Honestly i shocked ,as iknow that She was a good student. Sometimes you feel depressing when the people don’t believe you. I told my teacher that I was looking for some books in the library ,and the timing of my watch was wrong, but he didn’t believe me ,and he marked me absent .Oh…. it was painful to me, and at that timei wished biting his fingers. Certainly my tears were about to fall, and i asked my teacher angerly to leave the class. I sat a solo ,and i thought about what was happened .At last ifound that he was right, and i behaved as achild when iargued with him .Iam concern about the next two week s, as ihave to study hard to get top grades ,because ipromisedmy last teacher that iwill be good.In fact, it is difficult to preserve the promise. Ilike to writeabout my days at the universit, as it is my new world, and iwill write about all the people ,who imet ,and they affected me. My last class was in level five with wonderful friends, and agre t teacher .My classwas amixture of fun, and seriousness. All of my friends passed, and there new class in level six is closed to my class. I usually visit them on my way to my class. In my new class Layla is sitting beside me, andilike her, as she is friendly ,and kind person ,and you can trusther . Ithink that she is an eagle, and you feel comfortable whileyou are talking with her. My main broplem in the university is the time management in the exams, and in using the computer ,but my teacher was saying it is good to check your answers many times while the other students out quickly, but idon’t think so, as ihave to be fast in the ITLES .I always think that all of my friends will pass except me even thoes, who are layz because ican’t mange the time.Hope all you be happy.
    Best wishes.

  2. The pearl

    Re: Please edit my diary

    Oh..iam here .Please there is still just one day.

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