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Thread: public security

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    public security

    Please check the following paragraph.

    I hated taking a trip to Taipei. There are too many people in Taipei, and that causes air pollution. Also, the price of goods is more expensive than the other places in Taiwan. Besides, it is full of mansions that I donít like. I like countryside and its quiet rural life more than crowded city . In addition to air pollution, its public security is corruptive. The city maybe has a lot of benefits, but it also has a lot of defects.

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    Re: public security

    As far as "The price of goods is too expensive ..." is concerned, that sounds unnatural to me.

    The price of goods is too high ...
    Goods are too expensive ...

    Using "the price" and "expensive" is tautological because "expensive" already means "having a high price".

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