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    "a sense to an American lecture"?

    Hi, I hope whoever sees this could help me out.

    Quoted from "Newyork times"

    Mr Xi’s toast - a standard diplomatic script that repeated Chinese demands for “mutual respect” and urged the Unites States to avoid protectionism - added to the sense of an American lecture, as did the ensuing translation of Mr. Biden’s remarks, which stretched out his points in the pin-drop silence. Mr. Xi stood by with clasped hands and smiled. There were moments, though, when the room broke up in laughter at some of Mr. Biden’s quips.

    The article is generally about US vice president meeting with and criticizing China's vice president.
    What interrupts me from understanding the meaning of this passage is " the sense of an American lecture"

    Could you please help me understanding those words related to the general topic of the passage?


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    Re: "a sense to an American lecture"?

    The sense that the American side were lecturing Mr Xi about what the US expects.

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