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Thread: an easy make

  1. chriswang

    an easy make

    Hi, Teacher:

    Could you tell me the meaning of the following sentence?

    He should be an easy make.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: an easy make

    I would really like to see the context behind this one. Off hand, I would hazard a guess that this person is a pushover, i.e. someone who is easy to fool, someone you would have no problem selling a used car or the Brooklyn Bridge to!

    Would this be accurate?:

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    Re: an easy make

    I'm thinking more that if you 'make' someone in a 'detective' / 'set up' etc. You identify them either by physical appearance or by not 'blending in'.

    Eg. An under-cover policeman trying to infiltrate a gang. If he does not look, act & speak like a member. He may be 'made' by them. He was an easy 'make'.

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    Re: an easy make

    Thanks for clearing that up. In this case, I would say "He is easy to spot" or "He [really] stands out."


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