Hello everybody! I need someone to check my email since writing is not my forte; the register is suppossed to be formal. -_-''

The task is complaining about this misleading advertisement
The new game that gives everyone the chance to win.
- Big cash prizes
- Very low cost
- All money goes to charity
Claims within three months through your local store.

Here's the email. It contains 151 words.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about the advertisement of the new game Try Your Luck of your company. I want to express my dissatisfaction as well object to some incorrect statements.

You say there are big cash prizes but the actual fact is there is only one. Moreover, it is not low cost at all. You do not seem to realize that you are charging so much for a single game.

The second complaint is that the game is not easy to play. Even worse, it seems it is made to lose. Furthermore, I heard that 50 per cent of the money goes on 'administration'. If I had known that, I would have rather sent my money directly to the charity instead.

If I do not get a satisfactory reply, I will have no alternative but to report the company to the police for fraud.

Yours Faithfully,

Bert Aurora


Thanks in advance.