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    looking for a piece of advice from a lawyer

    Good day!
    And help..............
    I've come across recently several variants of how juridical documents may be titled especially those concerning different acts:
    certificate, statement; deed; instrument; note; record
    And I couldn’t keep track of a tendency when a pserson should use one title and when another.
    For instance, if we speak of transferring some rights for something – it is called “deed of assignment”; when, say, purchase is mentioned – then it is “act of purchase”; if customs seizes some goods – it is seizure note; if it is some official law – then “legislative act” is used…..
    Please, could you clarify when we should use one title and when another?
    If there could not be any rule in naming the documents – are there any internet resources of such names to learn them by heart?....
    Thank you!

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    Re: looking for a piece of advice from a lawyer

    Every single one of the documents you mention is a seperate entity with its unique legal implications - thus a different name for each one of it. My only solution to your problem - a legal dictionary. I will gladly help you with real estate related issues in US.

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