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    hi >>>> please come here

    hi to all how are you?

    please please please............................

    I want frome you to helpe me to write small paragraph...

    I rally want that ........ I think that you are broficinal in english

    so please if you can helpe please do it...........

    I want you to write agood paragrph of any one of these starting with general stitmint thn exposity and comunicators and the wodes of thes become at least from 150 to 200>>>>>>>>> I think you Know these thing I told that because I stadied it today

    ok my topices are :


    2- tow types of teachers

    3- parent - childcommunication

    4-saudi economy

    5- earthquakes in pakistan

    6- effective study habits

    7- ahard experience

    I forget to tell you I `m astudint 2nd year in english litertuer

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    Re: hi >>>> please come here

    We don't do people's work for them. If you write, we'll look at the work and help.


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