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    Post About English-English dictionary

    Hi, dear teacher,
    There is a question about English-English dictionary selection and usage,
    I just want to know what make of English-English dictionary is a good selection for English as second language students, I already bought a "Collins cobuilt", although it present a word's meaning in relatively simple words, but sometimes I still cannot grasp it's real meaning, you know lots of words hold several meanings, How can I master them, It is difficult, sometimes it really got me frustrated. SO a couple of advice on how to use a English-English dictionary efficiently and effectively, Please.

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    Re: About English-English dictionary

    Collins Cobuild is a good dictionary. When a word has several meanings, can it be said to have a real meaning? One of the features of English, like many languages, is that words can have many different meanings.

    How are you using it at the moment? Are you trying to learn a lot of vocab? This can be a very difficult task- it's easy to forget words. It's a good idea not to try to learn to many words at a time and also to recycle the vocab learned so that it goes into long-term memory. Words quickly disappear from short-term memory.

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