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    hi mr ronbe,
    could you please check my outline and advice me of some rferences or websites to have something about my topic" how to be a fluent english speaker?". if you have any thing to add please tell. many thanks in advanced
    how to be a fluent english speaker?
    1. listening:
    -listen to english continually.
    -attend conversation classes.
    -record your voice and re-listen to your english speach.
    -checking new vocabularies by a voiced dictionary.
    -using new words with teachers and friends.
    -reading books with attractive themes for you.
    -speak as much as you can.
    -persuade family and friends to practice with you.
    -try to imitate after observing lips, tongue, and mouth specially with natives.
    - talk about any subject in ront of a merror.

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    Re: outline

    english speach- spoken English, or English speech
    vocabularies- vocabulary
    by a voiced dictionary- with a pronunciation dictionary/ electronic dictionary
    attractive themes- themes that interest
    ront of a merror- front of a mirror

    Try ere:

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