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    "make it" in the car

    I have a question about the following part of an English book. Could anybody help me please?

    Your Support Team

    There are two members of your support team who will always travel with you. Every time you climb into your car, they'll climb right in behind you. One of them you probably know very well; the other, you probably don't. Let's meet them both.

    Your Mind

    He is the part of you who thinks:

    You'll never make it in that car! (Question: What does “make it” mean in this case? I thought if it means “make it in time”, it should be “with” that car, instead of “in” that car. )

    There are road works ahead, you'll have to do a detour!

    You don't want to be out in that weather!

    Your Mind does all of your thinking for you. At best, he's your rational side. At worst, he's your neurotic side, the part of you that tries to control your driving style and every part of your journey.

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    Re: "make it" in the car

    It means that the car isn't going to last the journey.

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    Re: "make it" in the car

    Thank you very much!

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