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Thread: stolen copes

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    stolen copes

    I'm reading O Henry's "An Unfinished Story." I don't understand the sentence including "stolen copes" in this paragraph below.

    Against the wrinkly mirror stood pictures of General Kitchener, William Muldoon, the Duchess of Marlborough, and Benvenuto Cellini. Against one wall was a plaster of Paris plaque of an O'Callahan in a Roman helmet. Near it was a violent oleograph of a lemon-coloured child assaulting an inflammatory butterfly. This was Dulcie's final judgment in art; but it had never been upset. Her rest had never been disturbed by whispers of stolen copes; no critic had elevated his eyebrows at her infantile entomologist.

    I know copes here means long capes, but I don't understand.

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    Re: stolen copes

    Welcome to the forum, K-young.

    You will already have read the interesting replies to your question here.

    The link will be helpful to other members who are interested and might save their time researching it.


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