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    Question How to address letter to multiple recipients?

    We are in the midst of a debate in my office over the proper method to address a business letter to multiple recipients. Listed below are the few suggestions we have come up with:

    1. Dear Messrs
    2. Dear Sirs
    3. Dear Mr. X and Mr. Y

    I have no idea which one is appropriate and I am trustful that the userís knowledge on this forum will guide me in the correction directions. Many thanks!!


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    Re: How to address letter to multiple recipients?

    The possibilites I know of are:
    Dear Sirs or Dear Sirs/Mesdames (looks a bit old-fashioned)
    Gentlemen (used without 'dear'- I have seen this form used in American English, and remember it because it struck me as very odd as a British English speaker)

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