Question(follow this link): My answer: The table provides an insight into the systems of underground Metro in six cities. Overall, cities in Europe were the first to establish this kind of public transport system, with the longest routes in huge numbers of p-engers. However, the capital of Japan is the city in which the most people use this system. It is notable that London was the first city to have underground railway system, in the early 1860s, with the greatest length of 394 kilometers. This system was opened later in Paris in the beginning year of the 20th century and was used by 1191 million people per year, outweigh the number in London. 27 years later, it was founded in Tokyo and got resounding success with nearly 2000 million p-engers. In the other city in Japan, on the other hand, there are only 45 million people using this service which has the shortest route among six cities. Los Angeles is the only city that opened this system in the 21st-century. This city's underground railway is short, just 28 km, and used by only 50 million people a year. These numbers are higher in Washington DC.