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    Question hi...please help.urgent!!!

    first of all hello everyone.i have a homework which i must finish till tomorrow.please help me.

    can u paraphrase the paragraph below???please i must finish it quickly.and i have no time left.i have tried but

    Later Galileo moved away from Kepler's theory by arguing that force was in fact not necessary to keep a moving body in motion.Instead he theorized that a body in motion continues to move whereas a body at rest stays at rest due to inertia.Since planets are bodies,they have inertia and therefore moving planets do not need force to keep them in continued motion.Galileo,like his contemporaries,believed that planets had circular orbits,this was in part due to the belief that circles were a natural way in which bodies would move.In both of his ideas he was in agreement with the earlier theories of Ancient Greeks.Not long after,Descartes challenged Galileo's theory of motion by proving that a body in motion moves in a straight line.Thus disproving the long held theory that a body's natural motion was circular.

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    Re: hi...please help.urgent!!!

    We don't do homework here.


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