I have been studying (thanks to this amazing site) and here I go again giving a go.

(Is this sentence correct "giving a go"?)

ANy suggestions, or giving me some tips how to improve, or any kind of help you can give me, I'd much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

The Architectural History and the Preservation of cultural heritage understood as autonomous fields, provided by its own theories and methodologies, turn the research on its relations, guided by the instrumental and operational preservation’s concepts, an interesting perspective.
The multiple temporalities of the architectural work, looked through the changes over time, their physical aspects in the material culture’s key, the relation with different documents, result in a historiographical material that makes possible a new point of view about architecture.
These are the starting points of a Gregory Warchavchik’s architecture analysis. The research selected listed and excluded works from listing, making a reconstitution of their trajectories and use them as a strategy to think about how the historiographical interpretations have been guiding the conservation and protective pratices, or, the intervention’s criteria on the modern.