Please check my gramar, paragrafing and structure.

Dear Sir or Madam,

My motto has always been: You can do anything you set your mind to. I strive to follow this rule every day of my life.
Although children in my country usually start their education at age 7, I have started mine at 6, but I had excellent grades. At the age of 10 I entered the Physics and Mathmatics Lyceum. Despite the fact that I had no time to pass the exam in the general stream, I was accepted because of nonstandart mathmatical abilities. When I was 12, I was invited to the school basketball team. As I am tall and play good, I was the one of the juniors who played with the adult team too. A year after entering the team a became the captain of juniors. I have lots of medals and one best-player statuette. Thanks to my basketball experience I have teamwork and administrative skills and desire to win.
I have been taking part at different olympiades of different complexity level since I was in the 2nd grade. My best results I get in the fields of mathmatics, physics, information technology and literature.
In the 9th grade after the students vote I was chosen as the organizer of the celebrations. I have been doing it since then. Also I have some hobbies such as cooking, reading, playing billiards, karting and skating.
Thereby, I think that having all this qualities I am worthy of study in TAMK.

In my country little attention is paid to ecology and environmental protection. Despite the fact that Russia has huge natural heritage, it is not protected. I often think about the state of the planet I live in and about how I can help it. My family and I take part in the annual cleaning of the city from garbage and delivery of waste paper. Sometimes I participate in environmental charity events. In the 8th grade I took part in the school ecological project 'The condition of Gatchina's lakes' in which our team analyzed the degree of pollution in Gatchina's lakes, causes of it and solutions to this problem. Now I am going to start the project 'The endangered insects of the Leningradskiy region' with my friend. Actually, she needs it for her university and I will only be helping her. So, I have always wanted to feel that I am helping the planet where I live.
I am interested im mathmatics and technology. I find it exciting to examine something complicated and finally find the only solution. I used to attend mathmatical courses in the best mathmatical lyceum in St.-Petersburg. Now I like doing some logical tasks in my free time. I also try to keep track of news in the world of new technologies.
Thus, Environmental Engeneering combines almost everything I'm interested in and I can not imagine better choice for my future education.

I started learning English in school in 2002. At the same time with school lessons I was leaning it at home with a teacher in 2003. That teacher gave me a lot for 3 years. Also I was lucky in the lyceum because I got the best English teacher. In the summers 2007 and 2008 I attended English courses with a native speaker in Finnish colleges in the intermediate level. From 2008 to 2011 I studied the language by myself and in 2011 I attended upper-intermediate English courses. After that I passed IELTS on band 6,5, but I think that I could pass it a bit better. Also I try to participate in all kinds of English olympiades and competitions, so I have some certificates and diplomas. By and large, I love studing foreign language and I like that I am able to read lots of books in the original and communicate with people from other countries. In the future I would like to learn 2 or 3 more foreign languages.

Studing abroad is my strong desire as I have always been internationally oriented. Personally I have lots of friends in Europe including a couple of in Tampere. Also I believe that education in Finland can give me much more opportunities than the one in my country. One more point in favour of studying in Finland is convinient educational system in which students can manage their own schedule.

In conclusion, I hope I will fit all the TAMK's requirements and will study in this University.

Your sincerely,
Anastasia Zotova.