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    The ends justify the means

    “She was so quiet,” Mrs. Casnoff said, and for a second,
    I was confused. Then she said, “When we were little. Father was afraid she might never speak,” and then I realized she meant Lara. “But I knew. Her mind was always working. Working, working, working. She was more like our father than I was.
    “‘The ends justify the means’—he said that all the time,” she whispered. “The ends justify the means.”

    The ends justify the means ??

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    Re: The ends justify the means

    This refers to the idea that if you need a specific outcome, it doesn't matter how it is achieved as long as you get the desired result. For instance, if you need to pass a test in order to graduate (the end) you can justify cheating in order to pass the test (the means).
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