Please share your opinions on this article. This is an article rewritten from a Chinese story. Is is dull? Or is it a good written one? Thank you so much!

I knew a Chinese summer exchange student who recently came to the US. She told me an interesting story. She stayed in an American family, both parents being lawyers with 4 children attending primary to high school. Owning a big house, a yacht, and a private plane, rich as they are, their life is simple.

Once, the couple decided to go for a vacation, leaving all children at home. They left four identical packages of food in the big fridge, one for each child. Besides, everyone is assigned a task, trimming the lawn, washing the swimming pool, tidying the kitchen or cleansing the bathroom.

For children with food packages, the older ones cannot be fed while the younger ones cannot eat all. With the older ones proposing to share the food, the younger boys set a deal to trade the left food for their labor duty.

This is a typical American family, not for their fortune, this one being clearly more abundant than others, but for their value.