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    prounication of father

    Hi at all
    in the word father in cambridge diconnary there is two prounication the red is british and the blue iis americain
    /ˈːr / /-ɚ/

    in the americain prounication what is the meaning of - and why it not complete
    thank you

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    Re: prounication of father

    Quote Originally Posted by light87 View Post
    Hi at all
    i In the word 'father' in the c Cambridge diconnary dictionary there is are two prounication pronunciations; the red is b British and the blue i is a Americain:
    /ˈːr / /-ɚ/

    i In the a Americain prounication pronunciation, what is the meaning of '-' and why is it not complete? The dash represents the first syllable, which is pronounced the same in BrE and AmE, according to this dictionary.
    t Thank you.
    Please take more care with tour spelling, light87, particularly when it is just a matter of copying.

    Please start your sentences and adjectives of nationality with a capital letter, and end your sentences with an appropriate punctuation mark.

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