Hello every one , what about my level in writing skill ?

Life is beautiful but we should understand it . We should consider that every thing around us is so nice to live in peace . Actually , We have different situations and we face a lot of problems but we are a strong people and we have a good beliefs about ourself . We are able to over come the challenegs before the destoy us . Also , the hopeful help us so much to accept any thing.
We learn from the universe a great lessons . After the long dark and fearful night the sun shin and lighting our life. such as our feeling when we face the problems , we seem un happy and hate every thing around us even our close friend and we still sit down a lone . We must believe that the sun will shin and every problem will solved .
At the end , my friends be happy and think positively in your life . Every thing will be OK If you become more hopeful one.

Please correct my writing .