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    will be wanting?

    Hi people!

    I've found an exercise on the future continuous tense and I think one of the sentences in it is wrong or, at least, not usually heard. Here it is:

    Andrew will be wanting to hear all the news about Sandra.

    Is this sentence acceptable in any context? I thought that some verbs, namely the so-called "stative verbs" were not usually used in the progressive aspect. I also know that there are some cases in which we may use these verbs in the progressive. E.g.:

    I enjoy going to the cinema on Sundays.

    I'm really enjoying this party!

    They will surely enjoy the experience.

    This time next year, we will be enjoying a wonderful holiday in Paris.

    But I just don't think "want" belongs to this kind of verbs and the sentece above sounds awkward to me. What do you think?

    Thanks a lot!


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    Re: will be wanting?

    It's correct in British English- it is used about an assumption. I am not sure what Americans will make of it.

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