A matter ofconsiderable controversy at present is the issue of whether there should beformal examinations, written and practical or it cannot give clear picture ofstudents’ true knowledge and ability at university level. Strong argumentsexist in support of both sides of debate, which mean that it is worth examiningboth points of view before making any choice.
One obviousadvantage of examining students is that we can learn their level and we canmake special courses for each of them or we can take average result and creategeneral course for all of the students. This probably can help to increase thelevel of knowledge, and moreover, it will train the members of university, andthey can realize their mistakes and read more information to pass the examwell. This statement should also be neglected, as it adds more weight insupport of the argument.
In addition,doing such examines will simulate to get higher marks because their furthereducation at the university depends on their exam result. After confirmingexamining system there has been noticeable rising at the level of students’study. There are various type of exam: writing exam, speaking exam and the listeningexam. Each of this knowledge checking program motivate to diverse organ byimproving their skills. For instance, at the speaking exam they will developtheir speaking skills like pronunciation and they will have pleasant speech,logic exam should develop their way of thinking and they can solve their taskquicklier than previous time.
Nonetheless,there is one convicting point against the conducting the exam. For example,pupil cannot be honest with the administration and with the rules of theuniversity and they can cheat and steal answers. Consequently administrationwill have fake result that is why there is no sense to examine. This strongargument prove to show another negative aspect of the issue.
All thingsconsidered, my opinion on this contentious issue is I am for doing exams andtesting for qualification if there is no underhand way.