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Thread: Live happily

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    Live happily

    Hello, I came back with a question. Today's question is about "live + adjectives or adverbs". For example, I know that "live happily" is correct. Then, how about "live young" and "live smart "? I do not think "young" and "smart" can be used as an adverb here. Then. "live" can be followed by adjectives? Thanks in advance a lot all the time.

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    Re: Live happily

    I can't think of a sentence where live is followed by an adjective only.

    What you can say is 'They lived long and happy lives'.


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    Re: Live happily

    Quote Originally Posted by sky3120 View Post
    Hello, I have come back with a question.
    When you wrote this, you were here. You need a present tense, and the present perfect is perfect for this situation.

    To your question:
    "Live smart" and all other uses of adjectives instead of adverbs, are technically wrong. But you will see this in informal English very often. For example, "Run quick[ly]; You walk too slow[ly]..." It would be considered normal by many native speakers.

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