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    Post Help on 'Opininon Essay'

    I have tried wrtting an opinion essay on 'Romeo and Juliet', 600-800 words, but cant seem to produce that amount of words. Please help...

    This is the statement:
    'Could Romeo and Juliet been truly in love? They were only wound teenagers infatuated with each other.' Dicuss with supporting references from the play 'Romeo and Juliet'.

    I belive that at first it might seem like an infatuation but ultimately it was true-love. I started off with a rough plan:
    1st point: Balcony scene-they kissed ect...expressing their love in great haste
    However, they shown a deph of passion by expressing their love through poems...(Quotes...)
    2nd: Juliet could have taken easier path by marrying Paris instead of Rome but she chooses not to...
    3rd: fight all odds to be together-both from feuding families, Romeo killed Tybalt (Juliet's cousin)...
    4th: they both killed themselves rather than not be together.

    In my actual essay,
    Intro: I talked about how it feels to be in love(eg:chemistry), then i refered it to 'Romeo and Juliet' saying that they were infact truely in love...
    In the first paragraph i defined the terms 'love'.
    Then I went in with my points stated above and expand and provideing quotes.
    In the conclusion i restated that they were truely in love by fighting all odds...then i mentioned that becsause of their love they have brought peace back into Veron.

    Please tell me how i would improve my essay and what else i could do to further expand and make the essay stronger.
    And if u do not know anything about 'Romeo and Juliet' cna u plz give an outline on what needs to be in an oppinion essay. eg: Intro needs to have this...what i cant use in oppinion essay...

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    Re: Help on 'Opininon Essay'

    There's also the fact that they are described as star-crossed lovers- fate brought them together, so has to be something more than a teenage infatuation.

    However, why not introduce some of the arguments that suggest it might have been an infatuation- Romeo has been in 'love' before, but then show how this love is different as it has to transcend the feud between the families.

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