1. Thesis paper
    Scientific Revolution
    Introduction: The scientific revolution led to the enlightenment.
    Body: Life before the scientific revolution, scientists discovering the correct ways the universe worked and revised/corrected old incorrect theories, Life after the scientific revolution & how it led to people thinking for themselves.
  2. A. Life before the scientific revolution. Peoples guesses and listening to whatever the ruler told them was true.
    Early ancient debate about life on earth. Aristotoleian view
    a) How the ancient greeks relied on pure thought
    b) the geocentric model
    c) the celestial sphere
    d) the ptolemaic model and how ptolemy uses this model to explain retrogade motion is incorrect.
    e) how they argued life beyond earth was impossible because we are the center of the universe.
  3. The revolution begins with correct ways of science and how the universe works.
    a) Greek scientist aristarchus proposes sun-centered model. and we are not the center of the universe.
    1. A1.) Explains retrogade motion better than the ptolemy model.
    b) Stellar parallax
    c)Anaximander suggested that other earths/ beings might exist at other times.
    d)The copernican revolution
    f) Kepler
  1. Life after the scientific revolution/the enligtenment and people thinking for themselves/ not relying on pure thought, and realizing that things can always be questioned and old theories can be replaced by better theories that explains it more. Not relying on pure thought.
    1. a1) Pierre Bayle
    b) Francis Bacon
    b1) “et augebitur scientia” meaning “and knowledge shall increase”
    c) Rene descartes
    d) Philosophes
    e) coffee houses
    f) salons
    g) libraries
    f) religion

  1. Conclusion
A)Analytical summary
  1. Life before the scientific revolution,
  2. the revolution begins,
  3. life after the scientific revolution and the enlightenment.
    B) Thesis reworded
    C) Concluding statement.